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Cartheno’s Fire: The Book that could Win You a Million



Cartheno’s fire is a novella with a difference. Hidden within the novella is the location of Cartheno’s Fire, a weapon of huge power. The first reader to provide a correct answer to the puzzle will win the prize fund. It’s a prize that looks set to change one reader’s life.

All you have to do is to find the location of Cartheno’s Fire, a weapon of great power. It’s hidden somewhere within the fragile tower – and within the pages of the book!

The fund itself is unique, made up of £1.00 (roughly $1.60) of every e-book sold through Amazon. The e-book costs just £2.49 or $4.99 in the US. Competitors need only provide a valid receipt, forwarded on to the competition address, in order to qualify.

The official launch on June 4th will include national media coverage, so it’s not hard to see that the prize fund is going to become LARGE! We’re currently estimating it to reach £1 million (that’s $1.6 million dollars) by the time the competition closes on December 31st. At that point the first correct entry to be received will win the prize.

To enter before the launch on Amazon, you are able to read the title here at Wattpad at any time from May 4th until publication on Amazon. Then you can email your answer to the competition email address:

The pre-order copy of the book is now available at:

or through Ebay at:

or you can purchase it via Paypal by sending £1.99/$1.60 to:

You will then receive your receipt in order to enter the competition and also will be entitled to a pdf of the title on June 4th.

If you wish to purchase multiple copies (which is difficult through Amazon – you have to keep removing it from your library each time!) or are in a territory with restricted book rights, we recommend you use Paypal or Ebay.

You can forward your Paypal or Amazon receipt on to the competition email along with your answer to validate it, or for an existing entry, forward the receipt and reference what the entry was and the date it was sent.

Being a Wattpad member  is a huge advantage. As well as the extra month in advance of the launch, there are ADDITIONAL CLUES hidden within The Fragile Tower and The Living Dream: Maggie’s Story. Those are already up here in part and being updated all the while, so get reading to get ahead!

You can enter as many times as you like, as long as you have a receipt for each entry. So if you come up with a new theory, you’re able to enter again without any trouble.

Don’t forget to fan if you want to know THE MOMENT the book is uploaded on May 4th!!


Competition Rules:

1.   The winner will be the first entrant to email what and where the weapon Cartheno’s Fire is located, based on the clues in the novella.

2.   Each entry must be emailed to the competition address:

3.   Each entry must be accompanied by a valid receipt of either the pre-order or full edition of the book, forwarded with the entry at the top. If sending the receipt on after entering you must reference your original entry and include the text of the entry again.

4.   Multiple entries are allowed under the competition rules, as long as each entry is accompanied by a separate valid receipt.

5.   The winnings will be £1.00 GBP (approx. $1.60) of every copy of the book sold.

6.   The prize closes at midnight (GMT) on December 31st 2013.

7.   If the correct answer has not been identified at this time, the prize will roll on for one month and be drawn again. It will continue to roll on a month at a time until the correct answer is provided.

8.   All family members and those related by marriage or partnership to the author may not enter the competition.

9.   The decision as to the correct answer is absolute and final and no correspondence may be entered into.

10.                      The winning receipt will be validated through Amazon or Paypal, and if proven to be fraudulent or duplicated, the prize will be allocated to the next correct and valid entry.

11.                      The winner of the prize – or if no winner is present, a rollover – will be announced no later than 10th January 2014.  

The story of Cartheno’s Fire:

Benjamin Lane is a funny, outgoing, popular eight-year-old who loves to entertain. He also loves to have fun, which is why he helps his twin sister Maggie to let their father go to a strange fair that has appeared on their street. But when he wakes the next day, he finds himself in a strange palace, and hears a whispering voice asking him to find something for it.

Benjamin has been taken to the strange and magical Cold Lands to become one of the Queen’s riezehn, a group of boys and young men kept in a trance in order for their power to be used in keeping her fantastical palace standing. But in the trance, he finds himself in a dream state where he can still walk around the palace, and he isn’t alone.

Another boy walks the dreams, as he has done for four years. He is searching for Cartheno’s Fire, a weapon of enormous power that will let him break free from the trance. He recognises Benjamin from a prophecy he read in the library, and thinks he can help him. But as Benjamin begins to search alongside, he realises that the boy is lying to him. There is something else to this weapon, and Benjamin understands that it’s up to him to find it first, or face the consequences…

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